A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.17 - Thursday, 27-8-2009
  Right of the Al-Wasat Party in formation  
  RDP issued a statement confirming the eligibility of Al-Wasat Party in formation based on the fact that the aforementioned party has a unique program by the testimony of the parties court. The party completed all the required formalities prescribed by law; therefore such parties should not be rejected, as those parties add a lot to the political life in Egypt. The statement stressed that the ruling system is afraid from the powerful parties and this is the main reason to reject the establishment of Al-Wasat Party.  
  Shura Council meeting  
  General Coordinator of RDP, Eng. Marwan Younis met the Deputy of Shura Council who is in charge of the establishment of political parties in the Committee of Parties Affairs. This meeting was held to determine the formalities and the required documentation, Marwan Younis assured that the party would submit its papers to the committee in the very near future.  
  A statement of solidarity with the workers of Nile Cotton Ginning  
  RDP declares its solidarity with workers at the Nile company for Cotton Ginning in order to obtain the necessary rights for the individuals to live in society, where the monthly salary is the only source of livelihoods for the worker. This was after the decision of the administration to suspend Cotton Ginning for a full year in the four branches of the company at Al-Mahalla Al-Kubra, Zefta, Kafr El Zayat in Al-Gharbia and Etay Al-Barood in Al-Beherra. It was under the pretext of the financial crisis. The workers accused the administration of their exterminating, as 45 workers were exterminated in Al-Minya branch because of the non-implementation of the transport decision and they threatened to escalate the matter as the company issued a decision that the workers would have their basic salaries without any other incentives.  
  Deregulation of energy for industrial zones  
  The Ministry of investment in the Youth Government issued a report calling the Egyptian government to deregulate energy for industrial free zones. As these areas have benefited many privileges and are exempted from taxes and customs, it also exports its products abroad, which does not give the government enough revenue and income to uphold the consumed energy in these areas. Therefore, these industrial zones should be treated with global energy prices. Then taxes and customs exemptions and the availability of skilled labor as well as technology will be the proper motivation for the investment boom in these areas, not support of energy which increases the burden on the citizen and leads to the dearth in his basic needs.  
  Congratulating the fishermen, and not the government!  
  Mr. Anwar Esmat Al-Sadat, Founders Representative of RDP sent his warm wishes to congratulate the families of fishermen who were freed from Somalia, in which he stated that they set an example for all Egyptians in courage and resilience. He condemned the absence of the government's role in their liberation, which exposed their lives to risk and waste their dignity which is the dignity of our nation as well.