A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.21 - Thursday, 1-10-2009
  A meeting with American Islamic Congress  
  RDP held a meeting with the American Islamic Congress, Cairo office, to discuss the ways of cooperation in the project "Introducing Islamic culture" this was on the backdrop of the evolution of American-Islamic Relations. The initiative of Islamic culture exposes new prospects for constructive dialogue between peoples, so that the project must be implemented in the very near future.  
  Party renews its call for the establishment of a syndicate for fishermen  
  RDP renews its call for the establishment of a syndicate for fishermen, especially after the adoption of the party to the problems of fishermen and their sufferings, they are torn by questions of the difficulty of fishing and the dangers they face because of the restrictions imposed on them by the armed forces as a result of the passage of warships in the Suez Canal.
It is also worth mentioning that the party had asked the government to pay the ransom for abducted fishermen, the party also called to collect the ransom from all citizens in order to set them free, other than the tour of the party in the provinces to identify the problems of fishermen and how to address and resolve them.
  El Sadat: We will have fierce battles against supporters of deprived Israelis  
  The spokesman of the campaign, "Keep Our Gas" Anwar Esmat El-Sadat, Founders Representative of RDP declared that the small rise in the price of Egyptian gas exported to Israel "will not extinguish the anger of the opposition," but at the same time it is an achievement for those who rejected the export of gas, adding that the campaign "Keep Our Gas " will continue to fight all the judicial conflicts and will go through all legal methods to deter whom are called "the supporters of deprived Israelis".
The Campaign will organize popular trial against those who are responsible for exporting the Egyptian gas to Israel. The popular trial will be held at lawyers syndicate on 6th of October.
  Bureau meeting of the voters Committee of the parliamentary elections  
  On previous Tuesday the 29th of September, a meeting was held for the Office of voters, "The Parliamentary Election Committee" at RDP, this was to identify the members who are interested in joining the Office of voters at RDP. The nature of the office was clarified as well as the tasks required from the members in the upcoming period. RDP strategy was explained which is for the approaching parliamentary elections. This is a part of the preparations for the parliamentary election of 2010.  
  Resource Management Act and the rationalization of water use of groundwater  
  The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation preceded a new law to reduce the use of water and to manage water resources. This law will be submitted during the next parliamentary session in context of addressing the crisis of water scarcity in Egypt which may threaten the future development plans. It is worth mentioning that this law includes some subjects, which was submitted previously by "Our Water Our Life" campaign to Prime Minister, president of the People's Assembly and minister of Water Resources and Irrigation 4 months ago.
This step is unprecedented success for our campaign "Our Water Our Life" as the government responded to some of the demands of the campaign, when it adopted in its bill some subjects, which were submitted by the campaign.