A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.22 - Thursday, 8-10-2009
  Movement of Copts for Egypt  
  RDP held an extended meeting with the Movement of Copts for Egypt, Center of one million for Human Rights, the Egyptian Center for Human Rights. The meeting was to plan for a campaign which will issue the unified worship houses law. It was agreed to convene a conference of the parties in Egypt to discuss the importance of this law and the benefits that will accrue to the Christian citizens, as well as to collect signatures on a statement which will be sent to the Presidency of the Republic in order to urge the President to issue that law.  
  German elections results and the meeting with German Ambassador  
  A group of party leaders attended the election party hosted by the German Embassy on the occasion of the German elections results, which was a model to be followed. Eng / Marwan Younis, the general secretary of RDP, declared that the party is working hard to let Egypt be a model which reflects the determination of the people and supports participating in the political process. Rana Farook also said that after her round through the German elections observation, which was attended by the party in Germany and after she viewed vote counting and announcement of the results and that the results were very much matching the polls. The aforementioned confirms the accuracy of the polls and the fair German elections.  
  Seminar for the evaluation criteria of analyzing organizations and political parties  
  RDP held a seminar on the assessment of the standards of organizations and political parties. Mr. Emad Salama, member of the party, delivered the speech which dealt with the criteria that can measure the success of an organization in achieving its goals through the training of the audience re 11 elements of evaluation so that the youth of the party will be able to judge the organizations, which they will be acquainted with, all that within the course of their political work.
This symposium aims to increase the awareness of the political party's members and gain the means to help them to judge the success of organizations and in terms of its construction.
Further courses and workshops will take place as it aims to make the members more knowledgeable and skilled to build political cadres in the party.
  A meeting for Youth Government in Lebanon  
  Amr Eraky, youth government representative, met with a delegation from the Lebanese shadow government, Eraky met with both Minister of Justice and Minister of Technology as well as Minister of Energy to discuss the structure of the shadow government and its mechanisms and the extent of communication with Lebanese officials.
The meeting was within the framework of RDP plan to develop the shadow government.
He also met with the heads of some political parties youngsters of the 14 March coalition to discuss youth activities and learn about their experiences in the last election. Then he met the director of program in the Finance Institute of the Lebanese Ministry of Finance to identify the ongoing changes in the Lebanese tax law in order to make use of the tax reform program, which the party will follow.
  "Keep our Gas" campaign held a public trial against the officials who sell natural gas  
  The public campaign "Keep our Gas" will held a trial on the issue of selling gas to Israel, on 6/10/2009 at the freedoms committee in the Lawyers' Syndicate. It was said that members of the public trial were Counselor / Mahmoud Khudairi, Mr. / Mohammed Damati, Mr. / Mohamed Abul-Ghar, Mr. / Hamdi Kandil. The representative of the prosecution was Ambassador / Ibrahim Youssry, Dr. / Ibrahim Zahran. The Ministry of Petroleum has been notified re the public trial in order to send a representative to defend them. But the campaign members were prevented from entering the Syndicate despite the fact that they have the necessary approvals for holding the public trial at Lawyers' Syndicate. It comes as a part of the public campaign" Keep our Gas "in cooperation with the Committee of Freedoms in the Lawyers' Syndicate and all public figures were called on to attend the public trial.