A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.23 - Thursday, 15-10-2009
  The Conference of elections' education and participation  
  Some members of RDP along with Anwar Esmat El-Sadat, Founders Representative of RDP, attended a conference of elections' education and participation "The challenges and difficulties ", which was held by Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies. This conference was held on Wednesday 7th of October. The party has presented its full vision of the electoral process in Egypt and the difficulties and challenges facing the electoral process and how to address them.
This comes in light of the preparations of the party's internal elections committee for the upcoming parliamentary elections at the People's Assembly on 2010.
  The Party supports the demands of doctors and refuses to raise health insurance premiums  
  RDP declares its full support and solidarity with the demands of doctors, who had already staged a protest in front of the Ministry of Health, in order to improve the situation of doctors and raise their incomes which commensurate with them.
Also the party confirms its rejection of the increase in health insurance contributions, which will affect all the beneficiaries of health insurance and it will not commensurate with limited incomes.
  Executive Office decides the new structure of the party  
  During the meeting of the Executive Office of the party, Anwar Esmat El-Sadat announced the new structure of the party, which includes members of the Secretariat and the Executive Office of the party. As the General Secretariat included ten specialized secretariats as a desire of the party to distribute the accomplishments and roles on all members and to build a political institution which will be capable of activating the party work. In addition, the structure of Youth Government and the Standing Committee of the elections had been adopted.  
  Egyptian Campaign against the Inheritance of Power "Mayuhkumshi/ He will not rule"  
  Anwar Esmat El Sadat, Cofounders, met with Dr. Ayman Nour, founder of the Egyptian Campaign against the Inheritance of Power "Mayuhkumshi/ He will not rule" to coordinate the work and to agree on how RDP will participate in the campaign which Nour called for. El-Sadat has responded and attended the founding conference of the campaign on the 14th of October at the headquarters of Al Ghad party in order to agree on a coordinated public and media spokesperson for the campaign against the Egyptian succession.  
  Party solidarity with Damietta and Fayoum citizens re the new law of irrigation  
  RDP declares its solidarity with the citizens of Damietta, who were already protesting against the lack of drinking water for two months, and what was intended to be done by the residents of Al-Fayoum, who threatened to make a protest as the water was interrupted for about 4 months ago.
This solidarity is to improve the conditions of life for those citizens who are struggling to get clean water for drinking.
RDP is calling upon Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources as well as the local councils and the governor to quickly intervene to solve this crisis before the situation being aggravated.
The party also appeals the Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources to introduce the law of irrigation and the rational use of water, which was previously, submitted to People's Assembly by the party for the next parliamentary session in order to be approved.