A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.2 - Thursday, 14-5-2009
  Postponement of the writ against the export of Egyptian gas to Israel  
  On Tuesday, the court of Abdeen postponed the appeal filed by the public campaign to stop the export of gas to Israel (NO for the setback of Egyptian gas) to a session on the 9th of June 2009, in order to declare those who correlate with the campaign This comes in the context of the ongoing desire of the campaign to repeal all legal arguments for the Ministry of Petroleum or for Ministry of Petroleum lawyers who have filed suit to stop implementation of the decision made by the Supreme Administrative Court to stop the export of gas to Israel, so the Government would be obliged to submit to the will of the people and the verdicts of the court.  
  Dr. Yahya al-Gamal:
The country does not have a desire to administrate fair elections
  Dr. Yahya al-Gamal, constitutional researcher, has confirmed the unconstitutionality of the youth recruitment in Central Security, and this is the content of the parliamentary petition made by Anwar Esmat Sadat'- Founder Representative of Reform and Development Party- as he submitted it to the Parliament. The aforementioned was discussed through the weekly symposium convened by the party, during the symposium, Mr. Yehia al-Gamal had paid tribute to the request made by Anwar al-Sadat to the consultant Adel Andrew -head of the Supreme Committee for the elections, which was to use the armed forces in securing the electoral process in 2010 instead of the police who have lost their credibility, but at the same time, he stressed that the country had no intention to establish a real and fair elections. The symposium ended up with recommendations, one of the most important recommendations is to follow-up the requests made by the party to the parliament as well as the President of the Supreme Committee for Elections.  
  The Government of the Youth in the Parliament  
  The Government of Youth in Reform and Development Party on Tuesday, made a short visit to the Parliament, attended a general session in which the issue of decayed imported wheat was discussed; additionally they submitted a law by the public campaign to regulate the use of water to ensure the water for the present and future. Moreover, they followed-up the series of parliamentary petitions submitted by the party to the Parliament such as the illegality of the recruitment of youngsters in the central security as based on the constitution, police is a civilian organization.
The visit lasted about two hours; during it the ministers of youth government discussed the current economical and political situation of the citizens with the deputies of the parliament.
  The Campaign (Our water our life)
is ringing a warning bell of water scarcity in Egypt
  On Tuesday, Reform and Development Party (under construction) launched its public campaign to ensure water for the present and future under the slogan of (our water our life) in a move described by Water Research experts with vital to overcome the plight of the expected water shortage in 2015. The party had held a press conference in the club of the lawyers syndicate at Maadi, to declare the activities of the campaign on the Nile banks. The conference was attended by the Ugandan ambassador and Dr. Khalid Mahmoud Abu Zeid, the Secretary-General of the Egyptian Organization of Water Partnership, who announced full solidarity with the campaign.
Anwar Esmat Sadat, General Coordinator of the campaign stressed on the need to coordinate the roles and to concert efforts to tackle the crisis of water scarcity in Egypt, which may threaten the plans of future development, noting the importance to cooperate with governmental ministries and agencies concerned with water problems.
Marwan Younis as a coordinator of the Reform and Development Party, declared that the campaign must have a political role such as the draft law to regulate the use of water which the campaign had submitted to Dr. Fathi Sorour, President of the Parliament and Dr. Ahmed Nazif, the Prime Minister, in view of the need to get some legislation that contribute to reduce the problem.
  Reform and Development Party against corruption  
  In the framework of Reform and Development Party (under construction) and the submission of its principles, which were previously announced, it includes tackling corruption as a main pillar of reform. Marwan Younis, General Coordinator of the party had filed a report to the Attorney General about a piece of land which is estimated to be 260 feddans in Tafriet Jennifa at Cairo- Ismailia road, its contract was signed between the deputy Mohammed Abu-Enein and the Ministry of Agriculture, to sell the land for four pounds per meter, which is a clear violation of clause no. 371 of the Parliament regulations, it prohibits the purchase, handle the sale or lease with the country, in order to prevent the abuse of power to obtain any personal advantages for the deputies and not for public interests.