A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.31 - Thursday, 18-12-2009
  RDP support the independence of the People's Assembly  
  Anwar Esmat El-Sadat, Founders Representative of RDP, made a parliamentary statement which includes that the heads of People's Assembly committees have their own offices which operate in the same jurisdiction of the Committee headed by a member of the assembly, leading to a direct benefit for the Chairman of the People's Assembly for owning private companies and offices operating in the same area of work within the People's Assembly. He stressed that this represents a blatant violation of the internal memorial of People's Assembly, which generally prohibits any member to misuse his position for private benefits unjustly as provided in article 371 of People's Assembly internal memorial and also Article 95 of the Egyptian constitution. The party highly recommended taking a decisive stance to ensure the independence and impartiality of the Parliament.  
  Political perspective of civil and political rights in Germany  
  Samar Hesham, one of the party members, participated in a study tour in Germany entitled "The political perspective of civil and human rights" and that by the German foundation Friedrich Naumann from 29th of November to 11th of December. The number of participants was about 22 human rights activists from 20 countries around the world. The training was about the importance of human rights from a liberal perspective and the universality of human rights and how to deal with terrorism and violence. In this study trip, the activities varied from field visits to various decision-making institutions in Germany.  
  Arab regional conference for Arab NGOs  
  Over two consecutive days the 13th and the14th of December, RDP representatives attended the Regional Conference of Arab NGOs organized by the Alliance for Arab Women, where the conference discussed the general trends of the future plan for the challenges that still exist in the Arab world in the field of women advancement in respect to the challenges of financial crisis, laws, policies and national institutions, responsibilities of planning and coordinating programs and services that serve all groups of women in addition to the field of culture and media, and to work hard on changing the concept of discrimination against women and achieving gender equality in various areas.  
  Reform and development is replying to government's decision of selling the future production of oil, "investment is better than mortgage"  
  RDP announced its rejection re the irresponsible practices of the Egyptian Minister of Petroleum regarding his attempt of mortgaging the production of oil in Egypt for the upcoming 7 years starting from 2011 till 2017, by around two billion dollars to pay his obligations to the Ministry of Finance as well as the benefits of foreign partners from the output of the sale to buy their share of production for both oil and gas. He stressed that this is the solution as demonstrated in Abu Quir field to the Italian company Edison. This is considered a depletion of natural resources and this waste is deliberate. The estimated production during this period would be twice this amount. The party confirmed that the investment of petroleum products in Egypt will meet the purpose and will yield significant financial returns, unlike mortgage and just get a small and fast financial gain.  
  Minister of Finance in Youth Government emphasizes the necessity of amending the law of real estate taxes  
  Ahmed Sakr, Minister of Finance in RDP Youth Government assured the unconstitutionality of the law of real estate taxes. He added that the philosophy of real estate tax is commendable but it should be managed in decentralized way and it should serve the local infrastructure. This ensures that the collected tax should be subjected to the community from which it is collected. So the party refused the declarations made by the Minister of Finance Dr. Youssef Boutros Ghali to give the provinces only 25% of the proceeds of real estate tax, and he emphasizes that the ratio should not be less than 75% of the tax collected so that the local communities would enjoy the tax revenues spent locally, so the citizen would be aware of the importance of tax and would abide by them.  
  Election campaign management of Reform and Development Party in England  
  The managing directors of the electoral campaign in RDP attended a workshop in London on the management of electoral campaigns, which present a number of experts from various parties such as the Labor Party and the Conservative Party. The workshop addressed a variety of topics relating to the electoral campaigns such as how to plan for the campaign, how to communicate with the voters and to deliver the message to them. Amr Eraky, one of the managing directors of the campaign, discusses the party's electoral plan within the last 6 months prior to the voting day and he presented to the experts the plan starting from the equipment for the electoral campaign and meetings with volunteers, in addition to media coverage of the campaign to ensure the interaction of voters with candidates of the party.  
  Reform and Development Party is recommending the prevention of interest conflicts in the Central Bank  
  RDP issued a statement to the Prime Minister to reconsider the selection of the high-board members at the Central Bank of Egypt based on the great importance of the Central Bank in the field of financial and banking transactions. It had been detected that some of the high-board members at the Central Bank own private legal and accounting firms and they hold high positions in private financial groups, despite their membership in the FSA, the Stock Exchange and the Investment Authority.
It is not right that the high-board members of the central bank hold high positions in groups and have other financial companies working in the field of financial and banking transactions because of conflicting interests, they benefit from their post in the board's central bank and their knowledge of all financial updates, investment and the sales quotas for government contributions for each bank, so in their own companies and offices, which operate in the same field. In light of the above their will be lack of equality and equal opportunities between them and others in the field of business by their location in the central bank.