A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.23 - Thursday, 24-12-2009
  RDP continue the training of its candidates  
  Within the framework of the preparations for the party to contest the next parliamentary elections in 2010, and through the draft list of reform which prepares the candidates for contesting the elections, Engineer Marwan Younis, the Secretary-General of the Party, participated with a number of assistant secretaries and members of the reform list in a workshop to train the candidates on communication skills and how to deliver a public speech as well as identifying the public properties of a distinctive candidate. On the other hand, the party participated in the training of these candidates through the guidance course in Ismailia to acknowledge the experience of past elections and how to overcome the obstacles of the electoral process and this was within the framework of the party's preparations for the upcoming parliamentary elections.  
  Developing the transport system "in the capital to save energy and solve the traffic density"  
  Mr. Haitham Atef, Minister of Planning and Sustainable Development in Youth Government, declared that Cairo is the third largest city in the world in terms of pollution and population density, asserting that the traffic crisis is one of the main reasons of pollution as it is resulted from the increasing of population in the capital. He pointed out that good planning will be critical to solve this problem. It is what led him to make a national project to develop transportation in the capital, which focused on the development of infrastructure and transport network organization, which ensures a high quality and an easy service and also taking into account the transportation which serves the disabled.
He also pointed out that the main goal of this project is to save energy where 70% of the consumed energy goes to transportation, so we have to search for innovative methods, such as in Austria and Switzerland in order to save energy to use it in other vital areas.
  Purification of electoral rolls is the responsibility of every citizen  
  RDP issued a statement calling on all voters to purify the electoral rolls and that what is provided for by the fifteenth article of the political rights law No. 73 for 1956 regarding the organization and exercise of political rights, which requires that each voter whose name is registered in one of the electoral rolls, is to request the registration of a name who unjustly neglected or to delete a name unjustly or to correct the non-registered data. The Party called on all voters to give effect to the rights set forth in the law and to also call the Ministry of Interior Affairs to facilitate these actions for the citizens and not to restrain them. This should be through putting guidance for them in all police stations and in all the polling stations which are at the police stations. The party urged all citizens to activate all their legal rights as set forth and to activate them and to hurry up in purifying the electoral rolls and to report whether there is any errors or not in order to have a fair and transparent elections. He also called on all national and private newspapers, political parties and civil society organizations to participate in the definition of citizens' rights enshrined in the laws and to urge them to activate and participate.  
  Minister of Investment in the shadow government calls for increasing the investment in infrastructure  
  The Minister of Investment in Youth Government called to create more investment in order to develop the infrastructure and that is during an issued report by the World Bank indicating that a default in infrastructure would lead to annual growth rate of an estimated 2% per year and reduce the productivity of business enterprises decreased by 4%, in addition to that the Egyptian citizen would pay double the value of basic services obtained. He confirmed that spending in the infrastructure at the present time will increase the attractiveness of Egypt for foreign investment  
  The Fact-Finding committee at the biggest industrial city of Qena  
  The party made recently a Fact-Finding committee in the biggest industrial city of Nagaa Hamadi in Qena, where Mr. Mohamed Awadallah Mahmoud, a party representative, had a tour in order to identify the problems of the population. He perceived the most important problems which prevents the population from exercising their daily lives and doing their jobs. The citizens stressed that the chaos as well as indiscriminate and bullying has become the slogan of the city. They also said that a bridge is their demand for years ago due to the increase of the number of accidents and the large number of victims who are subjected on daily basis to harassment and problems, moreover the repeated promises of the government officials re the establishment of the bridge had never came to implementation.
During the tour, the party revealed an excessive number of unauthorized motorcycles, the spread of garbage and the constantly sewage sank ways, although that this topic had been raised several times in the local council several times, but the situation is still ongoing. Accordingly, Mr. Mahmoud Awadallah assured that a report should be made- as a result of the Fact-Finding committee work- which should be submitted to the governor of Qena and the Minister of Community Development because of the weakness of the local council in performing its role as a belief of the party to support the decentralization strategy.
  In sand there is gold  
  Mr. Moataz Ahmad Mounir, Minister of Industry and Commerce in RDP Youth Government, had presented his program in which he calls through to the importance of the utilization from the natural resources in Egypt. He declared that by the utilization from these resources, Egypt can easily occupy a leading position among the major global industrial countries.
He also indicated through this project to the importance of the Egyptian sands, which is considered as one of the softest and finest types of sand in the world, because the sand encloses a very important material which is silicon, which is an essential element in many strategic industries such as glass, crystal, electrical circuits, solar cells, thermal and electrical insulators, industrial oils, medical instruments and other industries. To exploit this wealth, gives a strong impetus to Egyptian exports, and if it is ignored, means that gold is being trampled.
  The need to restructure the governmental media  
  Mr. Emad Salama, the Minister of Information in RDP Youth Government, said that the performance of the Ministry of Information is sorely lacking the most basic roles as mentioned in the Presidential Decree No. 310 for 1986 which determines the functions and powers of the ministry to develop and build up the people and to highlight the spiritual values stemming from religion, but it was discharged to a key role which is praising the achievements of the government and the Governor.
Asserting that it is being the main reason for the spread of rumors among the people, and the conflicting statements in the newspapers about the government's decisions is due to the lack of an official channel which speaks for the Ministry of Information to communicate and explain these decisions and to present the view of the government thereby leaving the door open for speculation and expectations. Mr. Salama called on the Government to restructure the governmental media in a shape which guarantees that the right information should be addressed for all classes of people.