A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.35 - Thursday,14-1-2010
  RDP participated in the endorsement of transparency  
  RDP participated at the closing ceremony of the project "Towards community- activities for the endorsement of transparency” carried out by the United Group, which intended to support the role of civil society and the members of local councils to endorse transparency.
Mr. Anwar Al Sadat along with a group of RDP members attended the conference showing how keen is the party to participate in such events supporting political reform and democratization in Egypt.
The conference included seminars on unwise public spending in Egypt November 2008, 2009 "under the microscope", headed by Dr. /Ali Al Salmi former Minister of Administrative Development, and the presence of a group of legal specialists and researchers , who focused on some facts proving unwise public spending in Egypt and the role of the parliament in monitoring public spending .
  Thirty years after CEDAW  
  Ms. / Birgit Azmy, "Secretary of civil society," in the party participated in meeting held by the New Woman Foundation to mark the thirty years since Egypt’s ratification on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in December 1979, where the meeting discussed the status of women in the Arab region after thirty years of the agreement in the presence of the Ambassador / Mervat Tallawy "Chairperson of the CEDAW Committee and former UN Under-Secretary-General." And also offer shadow reports submitted by NGOs to CEDAW.  
  A National Anti-corruption Strategy in Egypt  
  The RDP participated in a conference promoting transparency and fighting corruption in Egypt, Where Mr. / Abdullah Helmy "Party’s Secretary for Political Marketing" was a key note speaker.
The conference discussed how the new media tools can support transparency, by utilizing public and alternative media tools such as famous websites on the internet along with new tools spreading more information that helps encouraging transparency and fighting corruption in Egypt.
  RDP sets up a workshop on human rights  
  A Workshop on "human rights" was established by the RDP within the framework of training new party calibers having human rights background
The workshop focused on the concept of human rights and the various subdivisions from civil rights to other social rights, then it tackled the concept of human rights in the international arena and international conventions and Egypt’s position in it.
The participants finally asked for more fruitful workshops as such for training party members.
  New Media Tools and public press  
  RDP Participated at the symposium held by the Andalus Institute for Tolerance and Anti-violence entitled "New Media and the public press," attended by Mr. / Ramy Azaz Media Secretary of the party.
The importance of attending such a seminar is to recognize how important is the new media and its role in establishing a connection between press and the people, as an effective mechanism to involve the public in the news making process and delivering information as well as activating the connection between civil society and the public.
"The famous American scholar" Mr. Dan Gilmore who is considered one of the most important writers who wrote about New Media was the key note speaker in the seminar.
Copies of the Arabic version of his new book "We the Media: Grassroots Journalism By _ and for the people was distributed.