A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.39 - Thursday,11-2-2010
  Training of List of Reform candidates at RDP  
  The list of reform made "the draft of the party for the parliamentary elections" in cooperation with the Egyptian Association for Supporting Democratic Development during the workshop of the party candidates for the parliamentary elections and this was at the headquarters of the organization, where the candidates were trained on how to make electoral programs and how to deal with the media and the preparation of electoral teams and managers of campaigns as well as communicating with the constituency.
The training workshop was part of the preparations for the upcoming parliamentary of 2010.
  The secretariat of training and political education held a symposium on political participation  
  Secretariat of training and political education of the Party held a seminar on the importance of political participation of the youth.
The seminar was held in the headquarters of the organization "Cairo Jesuit" where the secretariat was keen to hold training and workshops concerning the importance of political participation and general election and the importance of the presence of political movement in recent times.
The symposium was held outside the headquarters of the party, which is a desire to communicate with organizations of civil society and all political forces outside of the parties frame and to identify with some other activists.
The symposium addressed the importance of political participation for youth as an active element in the political process.
  Minister of investment in Youth Government discussed the problems of aluminum factory  
  Mr. / Karim Diaa El-Din, Minister of Investment, in Youth Government of RDP had visited Nag Hammadi in Qena Governorate, where he held several interviews with a group of aluminum factory workers and some members of the union. The visit was about the problems of factory workers, which was the non-payment of incentives promised by Minister of Investment of the current government in addition to the problem of the temporary placement of workers and their health insurance. These problems were discussed during the last meeting between the minister and the workers at the factory a few days ago. Mr. Diaa El Din declared that an urgent meeting with the Minister of investment at the current government should be held in order to solve these problems promptly in response to the wishes of the workers and to implement their demands.  
  List of reform held a workshop on electoral violations  
  List of reform held the draft of the party for the parliamentary elections. A workshop on electoral violations highlighted the most important violations in the electoral process.
The aforementioned was by the participation of many who had experiences of previous election such as observers and specialists.
Where we learned about those violations and its solutions in order to address them in the upcoming elections and try to reduce them to have a free and fair elections.