A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.46 - Thursday,29-4-2010
  Youth Government concerned with the visions of political parties on the issues of education  
  Youth Government of RDP participated in a conference on the Visions of political parties on the issues of education in collaboration with the Centre for Studies and Leadership Development at Faculty of Economics and Political Science- Cairo University.
Youth Government identified the problems of education in Egypt, from the perspective of political parties and the possibility of working to resolve them and put alternative policies on education especially scientific research and its importance in the progress of peoples. Youth Government confirmed the importance of spending on education and scientific research in Egypt for the advancement of the country.
Youth Government confirmed its opposition to reduce the education and scientific research budget in the next budget as proposed by the Egyptian government.
  Youth Government warns from the housing situation in Egypt  
  Youth Government warned from poor housing conditions in Egypt, where they managed a study which confirms that the percentage of random housing in Cairo reached 80% under the failure of the government’s role because the Egyptian government is ignoring the random housing.
They are neither upgrading nor supplying these areas with infrastructure. This is a part of a scheme to displace population outside Cairo to reallocate them to new cities.
These new cities also suffer from some problems, especially public transportation. On the contrary to what the Government referred to as increase in the rates of population, there is a decline in population growth to reach 1% according to the latest statistics.
  RDP participated in a political tour in Taiwan  
  Mr. Abdullah Helmy met with the Vice-President of the ruling party of Taiwan (K. M. T.) they talked about peaceful change which occurred after the military governed Taiwan, followed by a talk with the Secretary of the organization and membership of the party, who clarified some of the ways of attracting new members of the party, in addition to a talk about how to formulate policies which is a point referred to by a prominent member of Taiwan's parliament.
Mr. Abdullah Helmy expressed that the change to democracy helped Taiwan and maintained it on economical and social basis in addition to the improvement of its education with the fact that the Taiwanese are characterized by developing the middle-class and their quest for more political rights. Mr. Helmy is wishing that Egypt may follow the same access to full democracy soon.
  Election Committee in Taiwan  
  Mr. Abdullah Helmy received a lecture included the rich talk about the Central Elections Committee of Taiwan, which organizes all electoral processes as an independent body.
It was an open discussion where the role of each of the candidates and parties were discussed as well as how to amend the constitution to have effective political parties system of double voting in addition to supporting the participation of women and ethnic through the quota system.
Mr. Abdullah Helmy stressed on the importance of selecting the members of the Election Committee by single voting in the parliament, where the law stipulates that the maximum representation of each party in the Electoral Committee and the polling stations is only 30%, which helps to support the independence of the Committee. He hoped to achieve such standards of independence in Egypt,
  Economic and industrial relations between Egypt and Taiwan  
  (In the context of the discussion, which took place during lunch at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Mr. Abdullah Helmy met with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and a group of ambassadors from the Middle East and they talked about the relationship between Taiwan and Egypt and how to associate a relationship for the benefit of the two countries.
The discussion dealt with various issues such as the reorganization of the textile industry as well as the increase of touristic activities and to improve the health system in Egypt moreover the investment in the garment industry based on the fact that Egypt is a gateway to market both products and technology around the world.
  El-Sadat submitted the registration documents of RDP  
  On Thursday the 22nd of April, Anwar Esmat El-Sadat, Founders Representative of RDP - under construction - officially submitted the party registration documents to the Political Parties Affairs Committee- Shura Council, after the completion of the general program of the Party and the Rules of the Statute as well as the completion of the number of proxies needed to establish political parties. By the aforementioned, RDP is meeting all the conditions in accordance with the law.
This comes in anticipation of approving the establishment of the party to complete the political work started by the party since it’s founding on 6/1/2009, it is worth mentioning that the party has participated in several activities and multiple positions throughout the period of its establishment.
  Party members visit the Second Army Field in Sinai  
  Committee of recreational activities in RDP began its activities by organizing a trip to visit the Second Army Field in Sinai. It was attended by a large number of party members in the governorates.
The members during the trip had visited many places such as the memorial of the unknown soldier and they saw the panorama of October in addition to their visit to the site of TEPE tree and they had a full round in the site accompanied with a group of officers from the second army for guidance throughout the trip.
  The youth of RDP participated in a workshop in Tunis to support and consolidate the organizations of liberal youth in the Arab world  
  Hassan Kamal, Representative of Youth in RDP, participated in a workshop on the strategies to support and consolidate the organizations of youth liberalism in the Arab world in Tunis.
The aforesaid was based on the invitation of Friedrich-Naumann Foundation for Freedom, where the principles and basic concepts of liberalism were identified as well as the opportunities and challenges in the Arab world, and the important role of parties and youth liberal organizations, also identifying the necessary elements for regulating youth organizations of liberal democracy, was discussed. An introduction of planning strategy and a strategy to unite the world youth organizations of liberalism, was identified during this workshop.
  A lunch for the party members in the rural home of the former President Anwar El-Sadat at El-Menoufia  
  Within the framework of implementing the recreational activities of the party, a lunch was held for the party members at the rural home of the former President Anwar El-Sadat in the village of Mit Abul Kom- Menoufia, celebrating the final handover of the official registration documents of RDP to the Parties Affairs Committee.
Many founders of the party from various provinces had participated in the ceremony, thing which will increase the coherence and harmony among the members which will reflect on all the activities of the party.
  RDP is preparing a report on the peaceful use of nuclear energy  
  Mr. Karim, party member in Alexandria, prepared a report on the uses of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.
He was awarded a patronage award and a reward from the Arab Chemists Assembly for his research efforts in this thorny and dangerous field.
Mr. Karim has been hosted in Saudi Arabia to attend a seminar to present a summary of the aforementioned report and the latest findings in this field in order to exchange research experience in many countries to make use of it.