A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.48 - Thursday,27-5-2010
  Egyptians Development Initiative held training courses on human development  
  Those who are concerned by the Egyptians Development Initiative continued their activities by holding a training over two days about the principals of development and the principles of marketing, where Mai Hamdi made full coordination by organizing and attracting new members from different universities students, as a basic work of the initiative which is to communicate with college students and prepare various students cadres.
In the first day of the session, the human development principles were discussed, where Ms. Noha Zarzour, an official of the campaign, trained the students in a day of the training session.
The second day of the session included two lectures about the principles of marketing. The lectures where given by Mr. Ahmad Badawi, marketing expert.
The training was very successful and effective.
  RDP candidates participate in political mission to India  
  Ms. Rana Farouk and Ms. Dalia Metwally, RDP candidates participated in political mission conducted for the candidates in the cities of New Delhi and Agra in India.
The mission included meetings with some local women leaders in India as well as visiting the Institute of social science in New Delhi. The program of the mission included a meeting with Ms. Luc Sabah, The Head of the Indian Parliament, that was in the context of the different parliamentary experience worldwide and in the context of the preparations for the upcoming parliamentary elections.
  Civil Society Secretariat of RDP participated in the Seminar on the German Liberalism  
  Ms. Birgette Azmi, "Chairperson of civil society committee” participated in a Seminar about German Liberalism.
The program of the seminar includes the relationship between freedom and democracy, and the importance of liberalism as one of the democratic pillars of the state in the modern world. The seminar also included the relationship of liberal changes in the policy of economic in poor communities and the concept of development from the perspective of liberalism.
The aim of seminar along with the participation of several different countries around the world to enrich the dialogue and debate on the priorities of liberal thought and the challenges faced and how to overcome them worldwide.
  RDP participates the Goodwill ambassadors to UN  
  Mr. Walid Al-Bedawy, member of Media Committee of RDP, took part in a discussion, in which the WFP (against hunger) Ambassador, and the actress Hend Sabry participated in this discussion which took place at the Egyptian diplomatic Club, as part of a series of workshops regarding" Goodwill ambassadors to UN” in collaboration with the resident representative of the United Nations Office in Egypt Mr. James Rawley and various agencies related to UN in Cairo.  
  Election Committee of the party is planning to monitor Shura election  
  Election committee of RDP participated along with many civil society organizations to prepare and plan for monitoring the next Shura Council elections, where the committee has made connected programs with many organizations and trainings for the members of RDP Election Committee.
The trainings are on how to monitor elections, where a large group of members were trained to monitor and follow-up the electoral process of the next Shura Council elections, in preparation to monitor several different constituencies.
The aforementioned comes in the framework of the Election Committee of RDP to train its members on the happenings of the electoral process and to discover the violations and how to reduce them and other important matters that will be faced by RDP, based on the fact that the party is planning to run for the Parliament elections of 2010.
  Essam Shaker, RDP candidate in Shura Council elections  
  Mr. Essam Anwar Shaker, RDP candidate, will participate in Shura Council Elections on Tuesday the 1st of June 2010. He is competing to have a seat in the sixth constituency East of Cairo "grape cluster symbol”.
Mr. Shaker declared in a mass Conference held in Al-Matareya that the election of the Sixth constituency is a ferocious battle between the candidates of the ruling party, opposition candidates and independent. He assured that he is following-up with his election team regarding the connection with the public to gather their support by finding realistic solutions to their problems.
For more information and to communicate with the campaign please connect Mr. Abdullah Helmy "campaign manager of RDP members in Shura Council elections", mobile 0101506771
  Reform and development asks President Mubarak to dismiss the officials Nile file  
  Mr. Anwar Essmat El Sadat, Founders’ Representative of RDP, asks President Mubarak to dismiss the officials who are responsible for the file of Nile water.
After a series of failure negotiations between the Government of Egypt and the Nile basin countries which ended by the signature on the Convention individually by the Nile basin countries in which the historical rights of the Egyptian share in the Nile water had been denied.
El Sadat expressed his deep concern about the Egyptian Government handling re the file of "the Egyptian share of the Nile” because this issue is sensitive and important which affected all the citizens, it is worth mentioning that the launch of the campaign “Our water our live” was through RDP.
The campaign adopted several demands which can maintain the Egyptian share of the Nile, it is represented in the possibility of extending natural gas pipeline to the Nile basin countries to provide them with power, thing which will reduce their dependence on building dams to save energy and it will promote African Egyptian relations.
The campaign also stressed on the need of the Government and civil society to advise the citizens to rationalize the consumption of water in order not to lose great sum of the Nile water.