A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.49 - Thursday,10-6-2010
  RDP Youth participated in a workshop about reform as a mechanism for liberalism  
  The Youth of RDP participated in a workshop about "Reform as a mechanism for liberalism" at the Egyptian Democratic Institute.
The workshop was on the future of the liberal trend in the next elections, and the importance of seeing liberal discourse in the parliamentary elections with the masses, and the importance of linking all the public problems with liberal issues in order to have political awareness of public issues and to link them with the Liberal discourse.
  RDP Members participated in the follow-up of Shura Council renewal elections  
  Despite all the obstacles, RDP members in Alexandria to follow-up Shura Council elections  
  Mr. Ahmed Ammar and Mr. Mohamed Abou El Magd, founders of the party in Alexandria, had participated in the follow-up of the Shura Council elections and were able to successfully monitoring and picturing serious breaches that have occurred in the first circle, includes neighborhoods of (Al-Montaza, Al-Raml and Sidi Gaber), such as threatening the heads and the members of committees and fighting with them, in addition to electoral bribery, vote buying, which resulted in the victory of NDP members Mr. Mohamed Abdel-Al "categories" and Mr. Ahmad Muhanna "workers."  
  At Al-Menofia Governorate  
  Mr. Mohamed Hassan Ayed and Mr. Maher Mustafa Shehab and other founders of RDP at Al- Menoufia, had participated in following-up the Shura Council elections in the constituencies of Ashmun, Shebeen and Batanon.
They were able to monitor and photograph a large number of irregularities, especially concerning illegal elections publicity, such as the use of schools and state-owned buildings for the propaganda, and they continue in their roles until the end of the screening and the results were announced with the victory of all NDP candidates.
  At Al-Giza Governorate  
  Ms. Randa El Halawani and Ms. Yousra Saad Eddin, RDP founders at Giza, had participated in following-up the elections at the second circuit at Giza, the second follow-up circuit monitored numerous violations, especially by the police.
(Quoting Al-Shrouk newspaper on 03/06/2010, last page)
Yousra and Randa in an adventure for supervising the elections - wrote by Samia Safan
7 am, at Nazlet El-Semman was the meeting for an unorganized day, "Toghether through sweet and bitter" with this quote Yousa and Randa began the long day to monitor the elections.
Both colleagues went together in silence till they reached the street, where armored security vehicles, rows of police forces, secret police and state security holders in civilian clothes.
Yousra whispered to her friend "they may arrest you now so don't argue sharply again" based on that Randa only filled the forms and asked about the nearby polling places. The agreement between the two friends was that "if any of them get arrested the other should complete her work".
Yousra who will participate in the upcoming Parliamentary elections as a candidate for Reform and Development Party, this is her first field experience.
  Youth Government put plans to encourage domestic tourism in Egypt  
  Youth Government submitted some plans and projects that promote domestic tourism in Egypt as a mean of increasing the national income, where the Youth Government believes that there are different areas to attract tourists and citizens in Egypt by exploring and developing these areas.
The government attaches great attention to the Pyramids area, Al-Azhar, which are well-known regions for the tourists with its several monuments, as well as the parks and general beaches in Egypt, there are several ways to use them, and to encourage tourists to frequently visit them. The main concern of Youth Government is to create new places to attract both tourists and citizens.
  “Shams” network participated in the program of supporting the public monitoring on the general election  
  "Shams” Network for monitoring the elections of the party, had participated in a training program to support the public scrutiny on the general election.
The program is to train on monitoring the elections of the Shura Council.
The training included a comprehensive study of all the electoral violations that may occur in the two phases of voting and counting votes.
The training included how to deal with such violations when they occur, the aforementioned within the framework of coordination with all civil society organizations working for the election.
  Seminar on "the importance of scientific thinking in our lives" to be transmitted electronically to the provincial members  
  The working group of the campaign of " development and liberalization of the media work” had organized a seminar called "scientific thinking in our lives" at the headquarters of RDP as the first activity of the campaign, Mr. Hassan Shami, chairman of the Egyptian Society for Scientific and Technological Development, was the lecturer of the seminar.
The seminar discussed several axes about the ways of thinking and its diversity according to what should be relied on, in its form and style.
Numerous members of the party had participated in the seminar and it was electronically broadcasted through e-mail with some provinces members and they intervened during the seminar.
  RDP had participated in the repercussions of the attack on “freedom flotilla”  
  Mr. Walid Al-Debawy and Mr. Mohamed Soliman – journalists in RDP - participated in a seminar held by the High Commissioner for Refugees at the Egyptian Diplomatic Club.
The Seminar was attended by the actor / Adel Imam, Goodwill Ambassador for Refugee Affairs, Ambassador Mohamed Farid, deputy of Assistant Foreign Minister for Administrative and Financial Affairs and the Chairman of the club, Mr. James Rawley, Resident Representative of the United Nations in Egypt, representatives of civil society organizations and some people who are interested in the affairs of refugees and human rights, besides a large number of media-men, journalists and satellite channels reporters.
Adel Imam described the Israeli attack on “freedom flotilla” as a criminal act and that there is no doubt that Israel will implement what they want, because the Palestinians are split, as well as Arabs, which all plays into the favor of Israel.
He pointed out that Egypt is the country that treat the refugees same as the citizens, and also allow them to work like any ordinary Egyptian.
  RDP had participated in a workshop on "The role of the Journalism in the world of the Internet"  
  Mr. Amr Eraky and Ms. Mona Shaheen had participated in a workshop on "The Role of Journalism in the world of Internet”.
The importance of the current status of the information transmitted through the Internet in both France and Egypt was illustrated.
It was also discussed during the workshop that the profession of journalism will be developed by transmitting information over the internet and by growing social networking sites.