A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.51 - Thursday,15-7-2010
  Recognition of civil society in Russia  
  Mr. Hisham Hamid Zaki and Ms Rana Farook, both participated in the International Camp for Youth in Russia; in order to get identified with the civil society as well as international Russian politics.
The International camp lasted for a week with the participation of three thousand of the youth from 90 countries around the world in a camp on the shores of Lake Sliugr.
It is interesting to consider the participation of more than sixty Egyptian youth in the event; it was the largest international delegation participating in the international conference in Russia.
  RDP is involved in strengthening the leadership role of women  
  Ms. Reham Sabry "a founding member of the party" participated in a workshop entitled "Strengthening the leadership role of women, the promotion of community and regional economic development" which was held in Amman – Jordan, from the 23rd of June till the 25th of June 2010, under the management and administration of the International Republican Institute and the Institute of Women Arab Leadership.
Reham Sabry during the workshop introduced the Party's orientation in empowering women and promoting their political participation.
  Reform and development discussed the amended emergency law  
  The Committee of training and political education in RDP held a seminar on "the negativities of the amended emergency law".
Mr. Mohamed Fawzy, "Secretary of the Committee" made a short introduction on the emergency law, explaining the most negative aspects of the amended Act and the threat it cause to the freedoms of the citizens.
Dr. Nabil Helmy "Head of the Human Rights Committee in NDP” illustrated the importance of the recent amendments made to the Emergency Law, which is limited to drug crimes and terrorism only.
Dr. Nabil said that the security services had foiled a large number of terrorism crimes before being implemented.
But he admitted that the police officer is not qualified to work without a state of emergency despite the increase of the community awareness.
  Reform and Development Party on the international map  
  Ms / Sally El-Baz "a founding member of the party and Head of Foreign Relations" participated in the program of feminine leadership development at the Academy of Women Leaders - Democratic Institute, Wisconsin- in the United States of America. The program started on the 10th of June till the 24th of June 2010, in order to identify women leaders and to learn from their struggle to gain access to leadership positions as vice governor and a member of the Congress. Through this program, the mechanism of an effective public discourse was identified and how to build a constituency of supporters.
Sally El-Baz, in an interview with Madison newspaper, highlighted the aspects which distinguish the party from the other parties as it comprises a large number of dynamic and effective youth members and that the recent time is witnessing political participation of youth and women more than ever in order to achieve real reform that the Egyptian citizen can feel.
  RDP participated in the conference of "Women and trade unions in Egypt"  
  Mr. Osama Badie “a founding member of the party” participated in the press conference of launching the activities of the project "Women and trade unions in Egypt" held by the Egyptian group to train and raise constitutional awareness.
A number of syndicates’ leaders, political parties and parliamentary figures, including Mr. Hussein Ashraf “the Secretary-General of Al-Tagamo’ party”, Ms. Abeer Saad “Member of the Association of journalists” and some other figures had participated and attended the conference.
The conference discussed the situation of women in trade unions and the ways to support her to assume leadership positions, and the methods of getting her prepared to make electoral programs and campaigns, and to strengthen her way towards the boards of professional associations in Egypt. The project aims to train and support (170) cadre of women within (10) trade unions as a step towards supporting women within (14) other union to take over leadership positions in them.