A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.68 - Thursday, 27-1-2011
  RDP Demands Mubarak Take Immediate Action  
  Reform and Development Party calls for the president to dismiss the current government, resolve the People's Assembly and Shura Council and to delegate the authority to the Egyptian armed forces on a temporary basis for three months. This period will last until the formation of a new government reflects the national coalition; institutes a new process for fair elections for the two chambers, fully supervised by the Egyptian judiciary; and amends the constitution to ensure neutral presidential elections without the nomination of Mubarak’s son; and the adoption of freedom of opinion and expression. This would the most fair and expeditious solution to calm the charged atmosphere as a result of public demonstrations of various shades of national and popular opinion, held in the streets in throughout Egypt in various governorates. The party demands the president take quick decision in response to the demands of the people, and immediately announce this decision to inspire confidence in the people of Egypt.  
  Party Members Participate in Anger Demonstrations  
  Rana Farook, Lamia Farouk, Abdul Wahab Tail, Moataz Munir, Dr. Ahmed Abdel Kawi and Mahmoud Hawash, Mohammed Galal and other members of the party attended anger demonstrations throughout Egypt, since the beginning of the uprising. These members identified their demands for change, which are the dismissal of the current government as well as dissolving both the People's Assembly and the Shura Council.  
  RDP Participates in Crucial Demonstrations on Friday, Jan. 28th  
  RDP declared its formal support of the crucial demonstrations on Friday the 28th of January, in all governorates of the Republic. The party calls the leaders of all political forces and the Egyptian people as a whole to participate with commitment to the rules of peaceful demonstrations and sit-ins until we achieve the desired demands.  
  RDP Participates in Seminar at the Faculty of Economics & Political Science at Cairo University  
  Amira Srour, Amira El Assar and Osama Badie, along with other party members, participated in a panel entitled "The future of political life in Egypt" at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University. Mr. Anwar Sadat, founder of the party, participated in the seminar and pointed out that the opportunity in Egypt exists right now to find a new leader emanating the leadership of Muhammad Ali. Such a leader would eradicate the National Democratic Party, as Mr. Muhammad Ali Pasha eradicated the Mamluks. Sadat pointed out that fraud in the last parliamentary elections was expected, but not to such a degree that the National Democratic Party exhibited, changing the election committee’s management processes of the election to reflect that of an operation room to manage the 1973 October war.  
  RDP Member, Karim Diaa el Din Arrested During Demonstrations, January 26th  
  Police detained RDP member, Karim Diaa el Din, head of the Youth Government, while joining the peaceful demonstrators in front of the Local Media Building downtown.
El Din was transferred to the Central Security detention center at “Gabal el-Ahmar”(Red Mountain) in Nasr City.
The RDP Secretariat of Legal Affairs delegated a large number of lawyers to work on the speed of his release, and to not direct charges on his behalf.

  Emergency Meeting held to Develop Demonstration Strategy for Members of RDP  
  Mr. Sami Abu Zeid, Secretary General of the founding committee, held an emergency meeting to develop and coordinate a strategy for those RDP members who are participating in the demonstrations held on the 25th of January.
During the meeting, members chose Mr. Sami Abu Zeid as an emergency contact, in case they faced any problems.
Zeid will provide members with assistance, consultation and legal intervention, if necessary, through a legal working group that was outfitted in preparation for the demonstration.

  RDP Members, Mohamed Metwally, Amr Iraqi and Hassan Kamal Injured in Demonstrations, Jan. 26th  
  Mohammed Metwally, Minister of Education in Youth Government, was wounded in the face and right leg and was transferred to a clinic for treatment.
Another RDP member, Amr Iraqi, Youth Secretary of the Party, suffered severe injuries throughout different parts of his body.
Hassan Kamal shoulder was dislocated.
The men were attacked by criminals and thugs wielding bats, who were sent to downtown to incite violent riots and disperse the demonstrators.