A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.76 - Thursday, 31-3-2011
  Judiciary Postponed RDP Party Registration Hearing to April 16th  
  The Administrative Court of the State Council for Political Parties, under the chairmanship of Adviser Magdy El-Agaty, postponed the hearing of the official registration and establishment of the party to April 16th. The postponement was based on the court’s insistence on reviewing the report given by State Commissioners. The court noted that the report praised the party’s program and principles, and recommended its approval. In discussion with the court, founders’ representative Mr. Anwar Esmat El Sadat asked the court for a formal apology for the mistakes made by the dissolved Parties Affairs Committee under the chairmanship of Safwat al-Sharif and the membership of Habib El Adly.
El-Sadat and his party members are optimistic about the approval of the establishment of the Party at the next hearing.

  Sadat Working with Psychology Experts to Rehabilitate Remaining NDP Members  
  RDP Founders’ Representative, Mr. Anwar Esmat El-Sadat, is working in cooperation with the National Center for Social and Criminological Research and the Egyptian Psychiatric Association, to prepare a program to rehabilitate the remaining members of NDP, who were not part of the elite and corrupt upper crust of the former NDP.
These members are considered by society to be the instigators of the difficult situation Egypt reached.
They must be rehabilitated and learn that anti-revolutionary and resistance activities are counter-productive growth and progress in Egypt.
These members must be included in political activities, as Egypt moves toward a true democracy all players must have the chance to participate.

  RDP Looks at the History East Germany & Secret Police  
  On March 26th, party members Mr. Walid Kamal and Mr. Mohamed Mansour attended a seminar titled "Difficult Past: Germany and the Secret Police Files in Eastern Germany”, organized by Goethe Institute.
The seminar was attended by Mr. Herbert Zim, Official of Eastern German intelligence files and the Honorable Michael Bock, German Ambassador to Egypt. In his speech Mr. Mohamed Mansour asked about the size of intervention on behalf of Western countries, led by the United States, in Eastern Germany and the effect of this intervention on the international role of the Germany after the fall of Berlin Wall.

  RDP Members Engage in International Dialogue, Exchange Views on Women’s Roles in Civil Society  
  Party members, Ms. Dalia Metwally and Ms. Reham Sabry, participated in a dialogue about women’s roles in civil society.
Representatives from the Reform & Development Party, the Democratic Front Party, Al-Wafd “Delegation Party”, and representatives of civil society organizations, who work on supporting women, were in attendance.
The dialogue included a group of political experts from Chile and America.
Issues discussed included the status of Egyptian women in political participation before and after the revolution as well as the obstacles they may encounter in the coming period.
The roundtable was done online through electronic video conference, and was organized by the International Democratic Institute.

  RDP Election Committee Participates in New Media Workshop  
  Party members Mr. Mohamed Galal, Mr. Osama Badie and Miss Reham Shabrawi, representing the party’s elections committee, in a workshop looking at the use of new media methods in political campaigns.
The workshop was organized by the Egyptian Association for Disseminating and Developing Legal Awareness, and took place over three days, in Alexandria. The party attendees praised the importance of the training in terms of identifying ways to use websites and blogs to directly connect candidates with their constituents at low costs.
  Founders’ Representative Meets with Secretariats of Training & Education and Media  
  Mr. Anwar Essmat El-Sadat, Founders’ Representative of RDP, met with the Secretariats of Training & Education and Media to discuss their roles in the coming period, particularly after the court's decision to postpone the hearing of the party’s founding to April 16th. He also discussed the need to develop a work plan for both secretariats in the event of a ruling on that date.  
  RDP Participates in “Egyptian Women after the 25th of January Revolution" Symposium  
  On March 28th, party members participated in a symposium discussing women’s issues in post-revolution era Egypt.
The symposium, titled "Egyptian Women after the Revolution of 25th of January" was organized by the Alliance for Arab Women. In attendance were Dr. Awatef Abdel-Rahman, Dr. Mohamed Nour Farahat and Dr. Hoda Badran, as well as representatives of the 25th of January Youth Coalition. Womens’ issues discussed included the poor management and small capacity of local and global women’s organizations.
Lack of capacity contributes to the inability of these organizations effect change in Egypt.
One issue raised in particular was the inability of these organizations to urge Egyptian activists to advocate women's issues, while other activists were able to easily utilize social media to mobilize tens of thousands of women to go to Tahrir Square and other governorates to call for change.
The group also discussed the necessity of a National Council for Women, composed of activists working in Egyptian civil society organizations.
  Media Secretariat to Begin Live Electronic Broadcasting of Conferences on Party Website  
  During their latest weekly meeting, the Media Secretariat decided to begin live broadcasting its conferences electronically on the party website, in order to easily communicate directly with members all over the country. Offering live conferences would also increase country-wide participation of members, who can submit comments during the live broadcasts.
Engineer and party member Mohamed El-Sharkawy, is responsible for the oversight of media to broadcast as well as receiving input and comments during the conferences.
Currently the audience participation aspect of the project is in its testing phase.
Live broadcasts are set to begin with the first conference held in the headquarters of the party.
  RDP Participates in Women’s Month Celebration  
  Party members participated in a Women’s Month celebration, hosted by the Organization of Islamic-American Conference. In attendance were Ms. Zainab Suwaij, Executive Director of the Organization; Dr. Mohammed El-Maliki, Organization official; Dr. Fatima Khafagy; and Ms. Dalia Ziada, Director of the Regional Office.
Guests praised a new-found atmosphere of freedom enjoyed inside the country after the 25th of January revolution.
During the celebration, treatises were presented for the advancement of women’s roles in society and their participation in support of civil society organizations in advancing women’s rights.