A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.77 - Thursday, 7-4-2011
  RDP Youth Held Political Education Seminars in Aswan  
  RDP’s Aswan party secretariat recently held seminars on political education for local young people.
The seminars focused on raising awareness of the electoral system in light of the Constitutional Declaration. The seminars were timed to be in preparation for the upcoming parliamentary elections.
Mr. Hossam Eddin Abdel-Dayem - the party's candidate in 2010 elections in Aswan – along with a group of party members organized the seminars. They were conducted despite the discouragement of Aswan’s Governor, who opposes holding political awareness activities regardless of Aswan’s citizens’ needs.
  Launching an Initiative to Reconcile between the Police and the People  
  On April 4th, Party Secretariat of Training and Education held the first meeting of a reconciliation initiative between the police and the people. In attendance were Secretariat members Mr. Sami Abuzaid, Secretary General of the Founding Committee; Mr. Mohamed Zaree, President of the Arab Organization for Criminal Reform; and a group of current police officers. The meeting covered the initial steps for launching the initiative. The group came to an agreement to name the campaign "National Campaign for Reconciliation between the Police & the People.
The group agreed to set the campaign action plan on Monday April 11th at 6 pm, after the regular meeting of the secretariat at the party headquarters. The Secretariat of Training and Education urges all party members to take part in this campaign.
  RDP Participates in Seminar on Women's Representation in Elected Assemblies  
  Party members Ms. Amira El-Assar, Mr. Walid Mansour and Mr. Hassan Kamal attended a symposium, "Towards a Fair Representation for Women in Elected Assemblies” held by the Egyptian Center for Women's Rights.
A report on the status of women before and after the revolution was introduced during the symposium. As well, there was discussion of the effects of the dissolution of the National Council of Women, which had a negative impact on the demands and rights of women. It was noted throughout the seminar that during the upcoming period, there is a need to build a new alternative entity to the National Council of Women to serve women and society.
  RDP Youth & Others Apologize to the Tunisian People in Front of Embassy  
  Party members Mr. Mohamed El-Sharkawy and Mr. Aly Kheir, along with others, participated in a mass apology and reconciliation in front of Tunisian embassy in Egypt.
The apology to the Tunisian people, on behalf of all of Egypt, comes after recent the abuse toward the Tunisian football team in a match against the Zamalek club, in the Cairo International Stadium .
Other participants included 25th Jan Youth as well as the Movement for Arab Liberation, as well as others. After demonstrating at the Tunisian Embassy, the group moved to the Algerian Embassy to make a similar apologize to the Algerian people, as there was an Algerian referee present in the match.

  Media Secretariat proposes to convene forums to identify with the party  
  Ms. Nayera Aref - Member of the Media Secretariat of the party – suggested to have a day per month to identify with the party and its activities involving members of the secretariats of quality, Youth Government and the representatives of the Elections Committee along with the presence of the Founders Representative of the party in order to identify with the party, whether for new members or members of the provinces.
This day should be clearly announced on the party's website and on the Facebook group so that the new members would attend and participate.
This proposal was submitted to the Founders Representative and he approved it.
It was determined that these meetings will be on the first Saturday from each month at exactly 5 pm, starting from May 2011 at the party headquarters.