A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.78 - Thursday, 14-4-2011
  Hearing Session on RDP Establishment- Saturday 16/04  
  On Saturday the 16th of April the Administrative Court in the State Council Political Parties Department held the hearing session on the establishment of the party.
The session was in consideration of the appeal submitted by founder Anwar Esmat El-Sadat, as a result of the court’s previous decision on party establishment.
  El-Sadat Requests Dissolution of NDP, Restoration of State-Owned NDP Headquarters  
  Mr. Anwar Esmat El-Sadat, party founder, made a statement to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to dissolve the NDP, restore its entire state-owned headquarters and to reserve all of its bank assets pending the review the financial dealings of NDP leaders.
Those of whom were standing as the second row of NDP cronies, after the fall of the primary NDP symbols who ruined Egypt’s political and social life and looted money and resources belonging to the Egyptian people.
Sadat pointed out that if the Supreme Administrative Court did not approve to dissolve NDP, so its leaders and members must accept the fact that their party has become an ordinary party within other political parties, and must abide by the same rules.
They must bear and face the difficulties which other parties face, related to the headquarters, funding, and the active and effective political presence, new programs and activities according to citizens and party members.
  RDP Members in 2nd International Dialogue for Exchanging Experiences.  
  Ms. Mona Shaheen, Ms. Reham Sabry and Ms. Rana Farouk, party members, participated in the second dialogue to exchange experiences as female members of political parties.
The dialogue brought together representatives of political parties, civil society organizations supporting women, and a group of experts in the political sphere from the United States of America.
The dialogue discussed the status of Egyptian women in political participation before and after the revolution, as well as the hurdles women may encounter in the coming period, and finally multiplicity of political parties after the amendment of the parties’ law.
This dialogue took place online as part of a series of electronic conversations/video conferences organized by the National Democratic Institute that brings together participants from around the globe.
  Reform & Development Party (RDP) at the University of Banha  
  In light of the new parties’ law, an initiative called "Dialogue Case" was launched by the Faculty of Science at Benha University.
The initiative held a symposium entitled "Re-Arrangement of the Political Area After the 25th of Jan Revolution”.
The symposium hosted Mr. Anwar Esmat El-Sadat, founders’ Representative; and Dr. Gamal Zahran, former Member of Parliament.
A number of youth party members participated in this symposium to inform university students about the principles and objectives of the Party.

  The Media Secretariat Announces Group Chat Service on RDP Website  
  The members of the Media Secretariat of the Party announce the start of a group chat feature on the party website.
This announcement took place after the weekly meeting held on Wednesday 13/04.
During this meeting the Media Secretariat demonstrated how to use the group chat feature.
Use of the feature is easy; the chat page opens automatically as soon as a user accesses the site.
Through this feature, all website visitors can talk online at the same time, together.
The chat platform is a great way for youth to be involved in the discussion of politics outside of a traditional setting.
The Media Secretariat invites all its members to activate the group chat service.