A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.79 - Thursday, 21-4-2011
  RDP Participates in Democratization Seminar  
  Founder representative Mr. Anwar El-Sadat, along with a group of party members, participated in a seminar about democratization, to exchange experiences.
The seminar was organized by the International Democratic Institute.
The seminar was also attended by representatives of political parties, representatives of civil society organizations, and a group of experts in the political sphere in Poland, Indonesia and the United States of America.
Together they discussed the future of political life in Egypt after the 25th of January revolution, especially in light of the multiplicity of political parties after the amendment of the Parties’ Law.

  Media Secretariat “Ideas bank” Project; Encourages Members to Participate  
  The Media Secretariat of the Party announces the start of the “Ideas Bank” project.
The launch was announced during the Secretariat’s weekly meeting, held April 20th.
The project was launched after the latest ruling at the Administrative Court, which determined the date of the final hearing for the party establishment.
The party seeks to develop an action plan for the coming period to prepared for the democratic transition.
Members will contribute their action plan ideas and suggestions to the “Ideas Bank”.
Accordingly, the Media Secretariat requests all its members to participate in the project by sending their ideas to the party email: rdp.egypt@gmail.com

  Reform and Development Party at Cairo University  
  The Unit of Youth Studies and Leadership Development at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Foundation held the Fourth Annual Conference on “Youth vision for the future of Egypt" in light of the new Parties’ Law.
The conference hosted Mr. Anwar Esmat El-Sadat – Founders Representative of RDP- as a keynote speaker of the conference.
The conference was attended by youth members of the party, so they can spread the principles and objectives of the party among the students.
  Campaign to Build Relations between Police & People: “Security Stability Support”  
  The Training & Education Secretariat recently decided on “The National Campaign of Security Stability Support” for the initiative launched by the party to regain the trust between the police and the people.
The campaign held its third meeting with the participation of Mr. Mohamed Zaree, President of the Arab Organization for Penal Reform; Mr. Mohammed Fawzy and Mr. Abd al-Karim Fathy, members of Training & Education Secretariat of the party; Dr. Hanan Shazly, PhD in psychology; a former Police Dean, Mr. Mahmoud Koutry; a former Colonel of Armed Forces, Mr. Ahmad Nawfal; and a group of journalists along with RDP members.
The meeting brought together a number of police officers, including Major Omar Gafour, representative of the Front to Defend the People and the Police; Major Ehab Fekry, member of the National Campaign to Support the Police; and Captain Sameh Al-Husseini, representative of the Front to Defend the People and the Police.
The details of the meeting revolved around the current situation in the country and how to address it with the available possibilities.
  Danish Students in a dialogue with the Founders Representative  
  Recently, a group of visiting university students from Denmark conducted a visit to engage in political dialogue with founder Mr. Anwar El-Sadat.
The students were from the Danish Faculty of Politics and Economics, and were preparing for their graduation projects.
Their dialogue with El-Sadat revolved around Egyptian political life before and after the revolution.
They also discussed the condition of the political parties, under the new Parties’ Law, and the democratic transition experienced by the country.
  Party Hearing Postponed Until 21st of May  
  The State Council’s Administrative Court ruling over political parties had a hearing on April 16th, to review the appeal submitted by party founder Mr. Anwar Sadat.
The appeal concerns the establishment of the party.
In the April 16th hearing, the court ruled to postpone the hearing once again to Saturday, May 21st.
The court also ruled that May 21st would be the final session of appeal, in which the establishment of the party will be determined.