A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.80 - Thursday, 28-4-2011
  El-Sadat: "Mubarak's regime squandered the rights of the workers"  
  Mr. Anwar Essmat El-Sadat – Founders Representative of RDP- asked for developing a legislative framework which guarantees the rights of workers, as well as the trade union system to achieve its independence and effectiveness in representing their interests and to ensure the interaction of the worker with the organizations of investors, in order to strengthen the capacity of the Egyptian production and its presence in the domestic and foreign markets.
El-Sadat accused the former regime that it had squandered the rights of Egyptian Workers, based on the fact that the institutions of the public and private sectors ignored provisions, labor laws and governmental decisions regarding the rights of workers.
There was no balance between the interests of workers and the interests of society. Moreover, the needed institutional and legislative structures to establish mechanisms of the market and to encourage investment and production, were not developed.

  Reform & Development Party in a symposium entitled "Muslim Brotherhood… Who are you?!"  
  Ms. Rania El-Baz and Mr. Mustafa Gabriel along with a group of party members attended a symposium entitled “Muslim Brotherhood… Who are you?! “at the intersection of El-Tahrir protestors. The symposium included an open dialogue between representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood, youth of political parties and political representatives. Brotherhood offered their principles and objectives as well as the parliamentary representation which they expect in the parliamentary elections of 2011 and also they represented their point of view about issues which concern women.  
  RDP started an initiative called “Start with Yourself”  
  The party announced the launch of its new initiative about Human Development entitled "Start with Yourself” which will include a series of lectures and training courses on self-discovery, how to be distinguished from others, knowing the road to success and how to access it and searching for an answer to a very important question which is "What is The secret of happiness?”. During the lectures also some advices for effective communication with others will be illustrated as well as investing personal patterns in human communication.
The initiative will start its activities on Tuesday, 03/05/2011- at 6:00 pm, by a lecture which will be given by Mr. Mohamed Essam El-Din Bahi El-Din- Human Skills Development Specialist/ Customer Service and Effective Negotiation Specialist.
For inquiries and reservations: Tel: 0199998910 / 0224145172 or email: Rdp.egypt@gmail.com.
  “ Our Water Our Live “ in a seminar "Nile Basin; Challenges, Rewards and achieving Cooperation"  
  Dr. Ahmed Abdel Qawy - responsible for the campaign of “ Our water Our Live” -participated in a seminar entitled "Nile Basin; Challenges, Rewards and Achieving Cooperation" which was held by Egyptian National Forum of Nile Basin, it was in Safir Hotel. The seminar took place in order to reach a formula of cooperation among Nile basin countries and to activate the role of civil society organizations in this area at both levels the local and the regional. An invitation was made during the seminar to develop programs, activities and joint projects between the Nile Basin countries.