A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.81 - Thursday, 5-5-2011
  RDP in the workshop "corruption trials in the era of Mubarak"  
  Ms. Amira Soror participated in a workshop entitled "The Trials of corruption in the era of Mubarak ", the workshop was organized by the Egyptian Democratic Institute.
During the workshop, the difference between the terms of reference of each of the Central Auditing Agency (CAA) and the Illicit Gain Agency (IGA) was explained and clarified.
The CAA is an independent side directly tracking the presidency, its role is defined in fighting corruption and this role is determined by the International Transparency Organization.
The role of IGA is to control over personal fortunes of the governmental officials or individuals.
All the aforementioned was raised through interventions and questions raised by the workshop participants.
  RDP Youth organize awareness campaigns in collaboration with the Cairo Institute for Human Rights  
  Mr. Hassan Kamal along with Ms. Amira El Assar, attended the first meeting of Alumni sessions of the Cairo Center for Human Rights Studies, which was attended by a group of graduates from the courses of the Centre.
They are from various political movements and civil society organizations, who came from various provinces.
It had been agreed to hold regular meetings, from which to prepare for awareness campaigns with moral and logistics support from Cairo center.
Some committees were composed to prepare and organize these campaigns.
The representatives of the party participated in these committees, and soon the first awareness campaign is being prepared.
  El-Sadat participated in two conferences in Tunisia and Bulgaria  
  Mr. Anwar Esmat El Sadat – Founders Representative of RDP- participated in two-day conference in Tunisia, in partnership with some European and Tunisian parties, to discuss (the repercussions of the Tunisian revolution and the extent of similarity with the Egyptian revolution) under the auspices of the European Union and some intellectuals and politicians to review the experiences and expertise in the transition stages of the revolutions.
This was followed by another conference in the Bulgarian capital Sofia.
El-Sadat attended the conference as he was invited by the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry.
The conference was also attended by (Bulgarian Prime Minister and his Polish counterpart, and some EU officials and Ban Ki-moon - Secretary General of the United Nations – along with a group of international experts) to discuss the experiences of the Eastern Europe countries in periods of change and transition to democratic countries that worth the membership of the European Union.
  RDP in the meeting of Civil Forces Coalition  
  Ms. Amira El Assar participated in the first meeting of Civil Forces Coalition which included several political parties and civil society organizations.
During the meeting a call was made to form a committee to investigate the facts regarding the reality of Imbaba incident, which occurred as a result of the exploitation of security absence.
It was agreed to hold periodical meetings in order to address the problems which are facing Egypt and to preserve the achievements of the revolution.