A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.82 - Thursday, 12-5-2011
  RDP Youth are guests on American “WGN Radio “  
  The American Radio WGN hosted Ms. Sally El-Baz - Head of Foreign Relations of the Party – through a group of television and radio interviews in the United States of America during her study carried out there during the month of April.
She talked about the Egyptian revolution and the role of youth. Also, she attended the conference of the U.S. president Barack Obama, where he gave his speech to the masses, which is part of his presidential campaign.
Thus, the Department of Journalism at Columbia University in Chicago, hosted Ms. Sally to talk about the Egyptian revolution and the role of the party and its members in the revolution.
  Head of Foreign Relations in the United States of America  
  Ms. Sally El-Baz travelled to the city of Chicago, Illinois State, for a one month period, starting from the 5th of April till the 1st of May.
Ms. Sally was trained through the Foundation Kurth Lampe, which works to train candidates on how to deal with media and to prepare the needed message for the electoral campaigning
. Ms. Sally had a lot of training in the organization with Ms. Kitty Lampe, president of the Foundation and with Mr. Kevin Lambe Vice President of the Foundation on "how to deal with media" and "How the candidates create their message for elections”. Ms. Sally will prepare workshops in the party to share what she learned with the members of the party, believing in the principle of “peer to peer education “.
Ms. Sally witnessed "Alderman" elections, in which one of the candidates, who succeeded, was having his media and electoral campaign ran by Mr. Kevin Lampe.
  El- Sadat warns of owning or sharing the Board of Directors of the Central Bank in the private companies which operates in the field of banking  
  Mr. Anwar Esmat El-Sadat – Founders’ Representative of RDP- asked the cabinet to take the necessary measures regarding the fact that the members of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank should not have offices or private companies operating in the same field under the control of the central bank.
El-Sadat warned of the dangers which may occur based on the aforesaid, because of the disappearance of equality, as it opens the door to opportunities for corruption, profiteering and conflicts of interest to the advantage of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank. Because they may benefit by virtue of their position from the available information they have about all financial issues, investment and sales quotas for government contributions for each bank, they can make that through their own companies and offices, this will lead to the detriment of public interest.
  RDP women candidates in a workshop for the preparation of electoral campaigns  
  Ms. Faiza Ahmad - the party's candidate for the district of Heliopolis in the coming elections - participated in a workshop on how to set up electoral campaigns.
The workshop was organized by the Republican Institute at the Hotel Marriott Zamalek in the period from the 8th of May till the 9th of May.
During the workshop participants learned how to organize electoral campaigns and how to communicate with the media.

  RDP Youth in a conference "transition to democracy in the world"  
  Ms. Sally El- Baz participated in a conference entitled "the transition to democracy in the Arab world - historic challenges and liberal solutions " which was organized by the German Friedrich Naumann Foundation in cooperation with the Arab Liberals Network, which was inaugurated by Dr. / Yehia el-Gamal, Vice Prime Minister in the 5th and 6th of the May.
The conference started with a welcoming dinner included many politicians and human rights activists, including Dr. Osama Ghazali Harb, Mr. Hafez Abu Saada, Professor/ Wael Nawara, the Ambassador of Poland / Piotr Buchta and a member of the European Parliament Ms. Maretjy Shaky.
The lessons learned from successful democratic transitions in many countries were discussed, in addition to the importance of the role of youth to support the principles of liberalism in the Arab world.
It has been confirmed by Ms. Sally through her participation that there is no contradiction between the principles of Islam and the liberal values which encourage freedom of the individual and respect for the other.
The awareness of the principles of liberalism and the concept of democracy among the people should be spread so to avoid turning freedom into chaos.