A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.83 - Thursday, 26-5-2011
  After three years of work the Reform and Development Party is officially founded  
  On Saturday the 21st of May 2011, the Administrative Judiciary Court, political parties division, issued a ruling to establish the Reform and Development Party.
The party positions itself as a legitimate platform to express all sectors of Egyptian society.
The party will work with effective powers in society in all aspects.
As for the aspect of the approaching parliamentary elections and the new constitution, the coming days will bring about a lot of surprising revelations and methods that will lead to the formation of a solid political front capable of expressing a broad spectrum of the Egyptian citizens.
It is worth mentioning that the date of founding the party coincided with its participation in both conference of “National Unity”, headed by Dr. / Yehia El-Gamal as well as “National Dialogue”, headed by Dr. / Abdelaziz Hegazy, after receiving a formal invitation from both conferences to attend and participate in developing the future policies of the country and in forming the new constitution after the 25th of Jan revolution.
  The Members and their vision of the founding :  
  Mr. / Amr Eraky " A founding member of Qaliobiya "
  The ruling proofed that the revolution achieved great success and implement the rule of law in Egypt, which wasn’t implemented by the former regime. We dreamed and worked together to feel the change, now we must cooperate together to achieve the dream through a party that became a partner in the responsibility of reforming the country.

  Ms. / Dalia Metwally " A founding member of 6 of October "
  I recommend to form a legal committee in the party that includes experts and legal advisers from the party members to determine the demands of the party then to present these demands to Supreme Council of Armed Forces, in addition to its role in presenting the detailed investigations and trials that are now taking place with the corrupted officials from the former regime. We should be well prepared for the upcoming legislative elections. We also must adopt some educational and economical projects to develop the Egyptian education and to get over the current crisis.
  Dr. / Hafiz Farouk "A founding member of Cairo"
  My future vision for the party is to focus on the eradication of poverty, problems of education and health because they are the basis of growth and progress of any country. I hope that Egypt is approaching self-sufficiency in all products, especially wheat

  Mr. / Mohamed Abou El Magd " A founding member of Alexandria"
  The party was subjected to injustice twice, firstly, when its foundation was rejected by the Parties Affairs Committee, under the former regime.
Secondly, it is founded now during such stage of confusion for the political entities and the public.
It is worth mentioning that the party was the first to recognize the important role of the youth, after launching the campaigns to stop exporting gas to Israel, and raising the issue of removing mines of the northern coast.
Finally, I want to add that the Reform and Development Party has the vision of the 25th of Jan Revolution and now it is time for work.
  Ms. / Sally-ElBaz " A founding member of Cairo "
  After the ruling on 21st May 2011, Get started to the real work to synergize the efforts of all Party members to reunite the country, establish the principles of national unity and to get engaged with the public in order to be the pulse of the Egyptian street.
We have to prove to ourselves first before others that we are not worthless but we must be a real political entity which is indispensable in the Egyptian street ... Let us work hard and faithfully and to cooperate together for the righteousness of our beloved Egypt.
  Dr. / Ezzat El-Deriny "A founding member of Gharbia"
  Praise be to Allah who gave us this bless as we got the declaration of the party, which came after the revolution, a victory could not be achieved during the era of the former regime.

  Ms. / Amira El-Assar " A founding member of Cairo "
  I was rest assured that the Reform and Development Party will be founded based on the impartiality of the judiciary.
What distinguishes RDP is not only its program but also the youth members who have potentials and capabilities which will make a difference in the political and partisan life.
I am confident that the party would have a high recognition by the effort of these youngsters.

  Mr. / Sami Abu Zeid " A founding member of Cairo "
  Pay tribute to the fair Egyptian judiciary, I believe that the beginning should be by increasing the party base by attracting new members from all the provinces, in addition to activate the activities of the party to handle the current problems, such as sectarian strife, to return security to the Egyptian street and flourish the production wheel to get over the economic crisis.

  Mr. / Hussein Rashdan " A founding member of El-Menia "
  Based on the freedom atmosphere and the spirit of 25th of Jan. revolution, it was expected that the Judiciary would be fair in order to separate between virtue and vice.
We were living in a complete isolation which was made by NDP to control the political life. Finally, the falsehood vanished.

  Mr. / Ali Kheir " A founding member of Aswan "
  I am very happy because of the judgment and I hope that it would be the new beginning for real participation to advance the society on the economic, political and security levels.

  Mrs. / Amira Sorour " A founding member of Cairo "
  The court's ruling was fair because they did not apply “New Parties’ law” retroactively on the party. I hope that the party would have a leading role in the process of reform and development that the country needs in the current period.

  Mr. / Karim Gamal " A founding member of Giza "
  I joined the party because it is concerned by all the issues of the Egyptian street, including the campaign of “Keep Our Gas ”. RDP is a liberal party that believes in political pluralism and freedom. The court's judgment is a victory for the party that ends a period where all political rights were constrained by the Parties Affairs Committee. The party will participate strongly in the street during the upcoming elections, whether by its own candidates or by coordination with other parties.
  Ms. / Reham Sabry "A founding member of Cairo "
  I feel no doubt for one moment in the integrity of the Egyptian judiciary. It has brought a sense of pride of a genuine democracy which will continue to develop to and through us for the future of Egypt. Now let us work and build this future, let us participate in building all institutions; People's Assembly and Shura Council, local councils, trade unions, associations, schools and universities. Let us develop and be effective.
  Mr. / Maged Morgan "A founding member of Menoufia "
  The ruling of RDP is not only a victory for the party members, but also it is a victory for the will of the people, who came out on 25th of January to revolt against injustice, corruption and the multiplicity of measures. The party has many qualifications that can make it one of the best parties in the political scene in Egypt.

  Ms. / Brigitte Azmy " A founding member of Cairo "
  We have ratified the vision, since a long time the joy hadn’t resounded in the court, yes, joy ... every time we lose hope, we summon our forces and say: We need to abandon the spirit of sadness, grief and pain. Moses’ stick had returned, which governs justly. The vision was achieved, the sea was split and Moses’ people passed. Our era of injustice had ended. Moses’ stick is justice, it parted the red sea, and justice paved the way for freedom and safety.
  Mr. / Mohamed Fawz " A founding member of Cairo "
  It is worth mentioning that the party did not come in a deal with anyone, but its declaration came through the Egyptian judiciary and it’s a plus point.

  Mr. / Ahmed Abdullah Suleiman " A founding member of Dakahlia "
  My happiness was indescribable when the Founders Representative and the Founding members, put their trust in me to file the appeal against the decision of the Parties Affairs Committee before the judiciary.
Despite the difficulty of the task under the corruption of the former regime, but the hope and confidence in the Egyptian judiciary was biggest than despair. This is the main reason for gaining the seed of our efforts today which will make us participate in real reform for our beloved country. We have succeeded in the most difficult issues, but my success in this case is far beyond all the success and happiness because the case was difficult but the reward was “The Reform and Development Party”
  Mr. / Abdul Karim Fathy " A founding member of Cairo "
  Egyptian judiciary has proved that it is fair and after suffering with the corrupt ousted regime and its symbols, the Egyptian Judiciary gave us our right by issuing a fair judgment.
I hope that the party would achieve its objectives and achieve the best for the interest of Egypt and its citizens.