A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.84 - Thursday, 2-6-2011
  Youth of RDP participated in the program of “Good Morning Egypt”  

Ms. / Sally El-Baz and Mr. / Karim Gamal- founding members of RDP- along with Mr. / Anwar Essmat El-Sadat participated in the program “Good Morning Egypt” on Channel One of the Egyptian Television. The program took place right after the verdict of founding the party, to talk about the points that distinguish the program of the party and its future vision.
Mr. / El- Sadat pointed out that, the founding members of the party exceeds 3000 member, 90% of them are youngsters who occupy leadership positions, thus, this is the thing that distinguish the party from other parties as one of its main goals is to prepare future youth leaders who can have great influence on their societies in future.
Ms. / El-Baz pointed out that the party will focus on economic problems and sectarian strife because they are the issues which concern the Egyptians the most and these issues also impede the development process. Also, Mr. Gamal indicated his desire to rise in the political sequence step by step, first by participating in the local elections and then the People's Assembly.
To watch the first part of the meeting, click here
To watch the second part of the meeting, click here

  El-Sadat calls the new parties to join RDP  
  Mr. / Anwar Essmat El-Sadat – Founder of Reform and Development - attended a seminar about “Draft Law of People’s Assembly” which was held by the Egyptian Democratic Institute. During the seminar, Mr. El-Sadat called the new parties to join RDP, he said that it is better to collaborate and be one entity.
During his speech, Mr. El-Sadat reduced the chances of Muslim Brotherhood to get a majority in parliamentary elections which will take place next September, he said that Muslim Brotherhood are not so influential in the Egyptian street yet Sufism represents 15 million of the Egyptians and they are a superpower.
  Elections Commission Members received a workshop for the electoral campaigns management  
  RDP in coordination with the International Democratic Institute held a workshop for the preparation of successful urban and rural electoral campaigns. The workshop included; how to set goals and needs in each department and how to reach and convince the voters. This workshop is a part of group workshops which will be implemented by the Party in order to disseminate knowledge of elections affairs and how to manage the largest number of members, especially new members.  
  RDP Youth in a meeting with the Turkish president  
  Mr. / Abdallah Helmy, Ms. / Mona Shaheen, Mr. / Mohamed Abul-Magd and Ms. / Reham Shabrawi - party members - attended a meeting with the Turkish President Abdullah Gül.
President Gül met a delegation who represents the youth of 25th of Jan revolution.
The meeting included an expanded discussion about the economic boom in Egypt, as well as the civilization and culture shared between Egypt and Turkey and to promote cooperation between the two countries in fields of education and industry.
During the meeting, Mr. / Helmy gave a speech about the role of RDP youth in the revolution and their future plan, especially their role in the upcoming elections. Ms. /Mona Shaheen also made a gesture in which she gave the Turkish President a piece of art drawn by her which symbolizes national unity as a gift to stress on the meanings of love and friendship between the two countries.
  Reform and Development Party in a seminar on revolutionary movements and the revival of partisan life  
  Mr. Samy Abu Zeid- a founding member of the party – participated in a seminar entitled “Revolutionary Movements and the Revival of Partisan Life”.
The seminar was organized by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan which took place in the Egyptian diplomat club, on the occasion of its thirty-sixth year’s anniversary.
The seminar was attended by the Iraqi ambassador / Nizar Khierallah, diplomats, academic and literary figures, intellectuals, Arab and Iraqi journalists.
The Seminar addressed the history of the Kurdistan Union and the role played by Egypt in supporting liberation movements of Kurds.
During the meeting and on behalf of RDP, Mr. Abu Zeid congratulated the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan for its founding anniversary.
On a private dialogue with the Iraqi ambassador, Mr. Abu Zeid discussed the future vision of Egypt and the ability of the parties to contest in the next election. Mr. Abu Zeid stressed on the need to form political parties’ coalitions to coordinate for the upcoming election.