A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.85 - Thursday, 9-6-2011
  El-Sadat will submit a report to the Attorney General against Samy Mehran, accusing him of being involved with Fathy Sorour, in corrupting People's Assembly  
  Mr. Anwar El- Sadat is willing to submit a report to the Attorney General and Illicit Gains Agency asking them to begin an investigation with Samy Mehran - Ex- Secretary General of People's Assembly- and with Fathi Sorour, an investigation about the corruption of People’s Assembly.
They are considered responsible for the deterioration of the political and parliamentary life in Egypt.
It became an illusionary Assembly where they were submitting the laws only for the benefit of the ruling system. El- Sadat stressed on the fact that the dissolved People’s Assembly did not reach such an unpleasant state except due to the presence of “Sorour” and “Mehran” as they were a couple who corrupted the political life.

  RDP in a symposium about the electoral process with special focus on candidates in Parties  
  Ms. / Reham Sabry - a founding member of the party – participated in a symposium entitled "run for office , makes a difference", organized by the UNDP of the United Nations in coordination with the International Knowledge Network for Women and other organizations.
The symposium included a presentation on the current situation in Egypt and the possibility of running an electoral campaign under the democratic transformation experienced by the country and the establishment of new parties.
During the symposium, Ms. / Reham indicated that the party intends to allocate seats for women in its list of candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections, especially after the abolition of women’s quota in the law proposed by the Armed Forces Council to regulate elections. Ms. / Reham called other parties to follow the same concept to encourage women participation.
  El- Sadat in a workshop about democratic transition, between Egypt and Indonesia  
  Mr. Anwar Essmat El-Sadat - Founder of RDP - participated in a workshop entitled "Egypt – Indonesia; a dialogue about democratic transition" which took place in Jakarta, Indonesia.
The workshop was organized by Bali Forum for democracy in coordination with the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs and the Centre for Democratic International Institutions.
During the workshop, a dialogue between the Egyptian and Indonesian political figures was opened to view the experiences of both countries in public revolts and the challenges faced by countries during these periods and how to get out of crises.
  RDP took the third place in a public survey  
  In a public survey on the current political situation in Egypt - conducted by the International Republican Institute- the best satellite channels and the biggest social problems were identified.
The survey also identified the political parties which the voters would give their votes to in the upcoming elections.
65% of those who were subjected to the survey voted that they do not know to which party will they vote, while 6% voted for El-Wafd Party, 3% for the Nationalist Party, 3% for Reform and Development Party, 2% for Muslim Brotherhood, 2% for Nasserist Party and 2% for El-Umma Party, while came at the last place El-Wasat party and the Democratic Front Party.