A newsletter issued by the Information Committee, No.86 - Thursday,16 -6-2011
  Composing the Supreme Party Council  
  In presence of Ms. Amira Sorour, Mr. Samy Abu Zaid and Dr. Farouk Hafez –founding members of RDP- the competent Committee began to develop proposals for forming the supreme council of the party by putting the initial division for the members of the supreme party council.
All provinces must be represented according to the intensity of the province. Mr. Anwar El-Sadat formed a committee to put proposals to form the supreme party council; it should include a number of active founding and new members in Cairo and in the provinces.
The formation of the council should be ready by the end of the current month in order to be submitted to the Parties Affairs Committee before the upcoming month of July.
  Youth of RDP in a seminar on "Egypt in the Transitional Stage"  
  Mr. Ali Kheir - a founding member of the party in Aswan - participated in a seminar entitled "Egypt in the Transitional stage" organized by One World Foundation for Development, as a representative of the party in the seminar.
During the seminar, the views of various political parties and mainstreams were displayed mainly about the position of Egypt in the transitional phase and also the position of political coalitions especially Muslim Brotherhood.
  Youth of RDP in the Mediterranean Assembly  
  Mr. Hisham Hamed - founding member of the party – participated in the youth conference at the Mediterranean assembly, where the conference included a display of cooperation between NATO and the countries of the Mediterranean basin.
The conference addressed how to promote networking between the youth of Mediterranean in order to exchange the successful experiences.
During the conference, Mr. Hisham Hamed spoke about the Egyptian revolution, the role of youth, the political situation and the mechanism of decision-making in Egypt before and after the Revolution.
He also spoke about the effective political role of parties and the participation of the youth. He stressed on the role of RDP thing which made Mr. Emiliano Astrunli, director of the Italian Atlantic Organization, expresses his desire to establish exchange programs between his organization and the party as soon as possible.
  El-Sadat met the founders to display the plan for the coming period  
  Mr. Anwar El-Sadat - the acting chairman of the party – met with a group of founding members of the party to discuss the plan of the coming period and the possibility of establishing new headquarters of a the party in various provinces to prepare for the upcoming parliamentary elections.
He also developed a mechanism by which the candidates for the elections will be selected whether they will be individuals or in a relative list.
During the meeting Mr. Anwar pointed out the subject of integrating the party with other arising or having some public figures as members of RDP.
He confirmed that this issue had been tackled before but that decision is still postponed until the completion of the internal organization of the party.
  RDP in a workshop on women in constitutions and electoral laws  
  The Institute of Arab Women Leadership organized a workshop entitled "Women in Constitution, political parties and electoral laws".
The workshop was held in Amman – Jordan- from 9 /6/2011 to 13/6/2011.
Ms. Reham Sabry- Founding member of RDP- participated in the workshop based on the fact that she is a member of the institute since a year and a half. The workshop included the subject of the position of Arab women whether in constitutions, political parties or the electoral laws. There were 9 Arab countries participated in the workshop.
During the workshop, Ms. Reham stressed on the importance of women representation in the boards of ministries and parliaments.
She also pointed out that the quota system did not succeed in the elections of 2011 in Egypt because the former regime and the NDP were controlling the political situation; all other parties and individuals were unable to benefit from this system.
She also pointed out that it was better to cancel the law which secures 50% for workers and peasants- which target men since 1964- rather than the abolition of women’s quota, as it was not determined whether it will succeed in Egypt or not.